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Clean Touch Restoration, LLC employs a team of insurance claim specialists who work with your insurance company for you! If you need to file an insurance claim for home damages, our insurance experts will be on your side every step of the way. They will contact your home insurance agent throughout the restoration process, as well as document any damages, and assist in paperwork. Our insurance representatives utilize a program called Xactimate, a state of the art estimating tool that is the most trusted in the insurance industry. Clean Touch Restoration, LLC is your best choice when it comes to water, mold, or fire restoration in Mid Missouri.


Insurance Specialist Services
  • Communication with Insurance Company Throughout Restoration

  • Xactimate Estimating Software

  • Insurance and Home Restoration Knowledge and Experience

  • Annual Claim Training

  • Full Documentation of Initial Damages, Repairs, and Finished Project


Is your home covered against damage from fire?

Will your insurance company pay out to repair damage caused when your plumbing freezes?

How much will you have to pay out of pocket for repairs if a monsoon takes out your rain gutters or damages your roof?


If you’re not sure of the answers to these questions, it might prove enlightening to pull out your home insurance policy and review your coverage. Too many homeowners find out what their insurance policy does and doesn’t cover after they have incurred a loss and submitted a claim. That’s the case for many homeowners who suffered damage to their homes during the cold weather of the past season and found, to their surprise, that they had to pay very high deductibles or non-covered expenses from their own pockets.


Home insurance policies vary widely on precisely what weather damage they cover, and how much you’re expected to pay out before the insurance company will pay its share. That’s why it’s important to sit down with your policy and/or your agent to discuss precisely how much coverage you have for weather-related damages, and if there are limits and exclusions to that coverage. Some of the most common exclusions and limits include:


  • Damage from Floods

If you live in an area with a high possibility of flooding, you may need to purchase separate coverage to deal with damage from flooding. The cost of repairing damage after a flood can easily run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Compare that to the average weather related claim of about five to twenty thousand dollars.


  • Water and Mold Damage from Burst Pipes

Watch for limits on the amount of damages you can claim if your pipes freeze and burst. A burst pipe in your attic space can quickly damage walls and ceilings, and result in unhealthy growth of mold and mildew if not cleaned properly. The cost of all those repairs can easily and quickly mount above typical limits on damages.  Some insurance companies will not cover the repair of the plumbing if the pipes are old, worn or poorly maintained. 


If the plumbing problem was due to incorrect building practices, it may exclude coverage.  Although your policy may cover the damage to the building or structure, the repair of the pipes may be your sole responsibility. 


Some companies have specific exclusions for mold damage and if there is coverage it may have limited amounts for damages.  Mold remediation can be an expensive and complex procedure which can add additional out of pocket expenses.


  • Contents Coverage

If you only have insurance on the structure itself, you may find yourself out of luck if damage to your roof results in the destruction of home furnishings. Even if you carry coverage for your home contents, you may want to carry extra insurance if you own expensive items like Oriental rugs or fine artwork.



Filing an insurance claim is not usually as easy as it looks. Here at Clean Touch Restoration, LLC, our dedicated staff will assist you with the entire process of insurance claims, from the initial filing to meeting with the adjusters, processing the claim and obtaining payment.


We use the insurance-preferred software program, Xactimate, that is standard in the insurance industry to estimate your claim and discuss the damages with your adjuster. This program is designed to ensure accuracy and fairness in the claim writing and estimating process.


We have experience working with all major insurance companies including Farmer's Insurance, USAA, Geico, Allstate, Progressive, Nationwide, American Family, State Farm, and more! 


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